Science and Medical Journalism TV Reporting

Check out award-winning environmental, science and medical television reports, all produced by students in UNC's Science and Medical Journalism Program. Links to all 23 reports can be found below.

Two reports -- "HIV & Kids" and "Surviving Childhood Cancer" -- have won Midsouth Regional Emmys. Other reports have won student awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, Region II.

Science & Environmental Reports

Environmental Heroes

Endangered Estuaries

Menhaden Fishery

Habitat Restoration

Blue Crab


Air Pollution

The Poor & Air Pollution

Urban Air Pollution

Asheville & Air Pollution

Asthma & Air Pollution


Water Quality

Watauga Riverkeeper

Hogs & Water Quality

Straight Piping & Water Quality

Neuse River & Water Quality

Waccamaw River Water Quality

Compost King

Environmental Justice

Coastal Protector



Medical Reports

Sexually Transmitted Infections

HPV & Herpes

Gonorrhea & Chlamydia




HIV & Kids

Backstory to HIV & Kids

Sickle Cell Disease

Surviving Childhood Cancer

Uninsured Children


Mental Health