Certificate in Technology and Communication

A unique, graduate-level online education program.

Family responsibilities, work assignments and travel requirements often stand in the way of pursuing graduate education. To overcome these barriers, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication has designed a distance-education program that allows students to take advantage of a Carolina education from anywhere in the world.

The Certificate in Technology and Communication comprises three graduate-level courses taught completely online. The program, which is aimed at working professionals, offered its first courses in 2003. Students must be admitted to the program before enrolling in classes, which are offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Students completing all three classes earn a certificate. An academic certificate is a series of post-baccalaureate courses that enables a student to explore a specific area of study. Like a master's or doctoral degree, a certificate is offered by a host academic department, is approved by UNC-Chapel Hill's Graduate School, and is related to an academic area of study.